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The Yacht

"When offshore meets first class ...and first category in interior design"

"I want a comfortable boat that handles well and is capable of a good turn of speed—in short, I want a boat like the Nautitech 542."

"Overall build quality and hardware quality are outstanding. Nautitech treats each boat as a semi-custom build, and it shows."

"Top-end materials and construction
Excellent feel to helms
Powerful rig"

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Nautitech 542

Beautifully designed by Marc Lombard, and solidly built pre-Bavaria, The Nautitech 542 is a 54' Class A, sailing cruising multihull with 4 cabins /4 heads and a 5'1" ft draft which can regularly reach speeds of 10- 12 knots. The Nautitech 542 is elegant, very pleasant to live aboard and sail; it displays high performance in its category and offers direct pleasure to the helmsman.  The Nautitech was truly innovative design and beautiful build quality and has been copied since.  See a review of the Nautitech 542's inaugural sail HERE.

Nautitech542 interior pic_edited_edited.

Performance Elements

A perfectly tuned rig for exceptional sailing under all circumstances. The same applies to the far-extending mainsail combined with jib, offering an effective set-up even in light winds.  The sail plan and design of the hull are in perfect harmony.  Whatever course you are on, the wide cut of the gennaker gives perfect adaptability in combination with the foresail, the widely extended mainsail keeps the ship moving even with a light wind. And if no wind, two 75 Hp Yanmar's give a comfortable cruising speed.

Nautitech542 interior pic_edited.png
breakfast nook interior from listing.png

Spacious Design

Everything is very open, spacious as in a luxury loft. Great interior, noble materials wherever you look. Elegance is a main detail on board of the Nautitech 54.

Check out Sailing Magazine's description and review on the 542 HERE.

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