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Bodrum Marina

Turkey’s unique and intoxicating blend of cultures and histories – and of course its gorgeous coastlines – make it a captivating destination for a yacht charter. There’s so much beauty and drama, with the region’s rugged natural splendor contrasting ancient Greek or Roman ruins and hypnotic Islamic architecture. The inviting coastal waters of its southwestern coast are so warm and deeply blue, with many secluded islands, and the small ports here offer a luxurious welcome that’s second to none.   The best times to sail a yacht in Turkey are April/May and September/October.

OCTOBER 2024 is likely timeframe 

What We

Itinerary 1

Bodrumto Fethiye

Begin your time on the turquoise waters at the harbor town of Bodrum, heading out to the black islands, where you will stop for a time before anchoring down for the night. Head to Palamutbuku to relax at his quiet bay before heading to the small town of Datca, where modern and ancient buildings can be found. Spend time in the famous coastal city of Marmaris, where you can explore the streets daily and enjoy the variety of nightlife. The final destinations are the Flat Islands before anchoring in Fethiye harbor for the end of your sail in Turkey experience. This cruise will be the highlight of your summer.


The Bodrum to Fethiye destination is one of Turkey's most popular destinations for yacht holidays  in Turkey. It's the ideal vacation choice for your family and friends. Relax, listen to the tranquility of the ocean, enjoy a drink from your open bar, and gaze at the passing islands and coves of the Mediterranean on your blue cruise.


Often compared to the French Riviera for its mix of nightlife, glamor, and high-end cuisine, Bodrum is an excellent starting point for exploring the Turquoise Coast. Its excellently equipped harbor easily handles all shapes and sizes of private yachts, and the city itself is a sophisticated respite from the sea. You can also explore the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus here, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and one of the country’s most famous landmarks. 


Exceptional diving, incredible beaches, turquoise seas, an Ottoman castle… Marmaris offers so much for your yacht charter. The Baca Cave invites dives from 5 to 50 meters for all levels of experience, and there are dozens of other fabulous dive sites nearby. The town features a lively local bazaar and boasts many excellent restaurants and a well-equipped marina. 


An appealing combination of glamorous hotspot and charming fishing village, Göcek features several modern marinas to host you, and many fine restaurants and shops to wander while you’re ashore. The bay is protected by an archipelago of a dozen beautiful islands which are all worth exploring for hidden beaches and secluded snorkeling.  



This beautiful harborside town sits on a perfect horseshoe bay. It’s a fabulous venue for shore excursions such as wandering its maze of streets, browsing its many boutiques, or hiking inland to enjoy the charm of secluded mountain villages. As the day closes, find a rooftop patio or restaurant for a sunset cocktail – the views from Kalkan are breathtaking – followed by an exceptional dinner. 

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