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Antigua and Barbuda


Antigua is one of the most beautiful island getaways in the Caribbean with a distinctive flair all its own, from the historic Nelson’s Harbor, to the chic but fun Antigua Yacht Club, to the bustling streets of St. John’s, filled with shops and activity.  The island is fourteen miles long and eleven miles wide, the largest of the English speaking islands, and is surrounded by coral reefs.


Nearby, Barbuda, is nearly uninhabited (300 residents) and is home to one of the world’s most significant bird sanctuaries, the Frigate Bird Sanctuary. Together these two islands offer unspoiled powdery white sand beaches (365 of them!), amazing snorkeling and scuba diving on the reefs, fantastic dining, and as many spectacular sunsets as you want.

Beaches are bone white and beckoning – there is one for every day of the year—and can be either secluded or hopping with activity.  History buffs and nautical nuts will appreciate English Harbor, which sheltered Britain’s Caribbean fleet in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Go for those beaches but also for sailing.  

JANUARY & FEBRUARY 2025 are likely timeframes

What We

Itinerary 1

Antigua and Barbuda

Fly into Antigua 

Day 1 -Enjoy Falmouth Harbour and English Harbour

  • Explore English Harbor & Nelson’s Dockyard National Park.  

  • Dockyard Museum

  • Clarence House – restored and originally was the residence of the Dockyard Commissioner.

  • 12 miles of walking trails

  • Dinghy tour and cool down at Pigeon Beach

  • Walk to Rendezvous Beach

  • Dinner out

Day 2 -

  • Dinghy into Galeon Beach?

  • Hike to Shirley Heights or Carpenters Rock Trail 

  • Enjoy BBQ and music at Shirley Heights - get there before 5pm and witness a beautiful sunset. 

  • Swim at Galeon Beach and Dinghy back to Falmouth Harbour

Day 3

  • Sail to Green Island 

  • Paddleboard, swim & snorkel

  • Wing board?

Day 4

  • Breakfast on board

  •  Sail to Barbuda – going from the west side – 30 nm

  • Anchor northwest of Coco Point - Princess Diana Beach or north of Palmetto Point

Day 5

  • Go on Frigate Bird colony tour

  • Snorkel

  • Swim 

  • Beach

Day 6

  • Sail to Jolly Harbor

  • Overnight in Jolly Harbor

Day 7 – flight out of Antigua

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