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Are these trip opportunities for the general public?

No, these sailing trips are for friends, family and invited guests only.  They operate as a shared-expense program where there is an allocation of cost for the live-aboard experience.

How does adding additional cabins impact cabin pricing?

We will prepare a cost proposal for a given trip contemplated.  Generally, adding a second cabin would cause the price proposal to be reduced by 20% for each cabin.  Adding a third cabin would cause the price proposal for each cabins to be reduced by 30% each.

What are the typical catamaran upcharge for dock reservations ?

It can vary from no upcharge to 100% upcharge for a catamaran berth.

What you think the range of cost is for provisioning Kanaloa for a week?

KANALOA is typically well stocked with most needed cooking items like spices, oils, vinegars, flour, sugar, rice, etc.  We tend to make things that are relatively easy on a stove top or grill, relatively healthy (like Mediterranean recipes), and perhaps related to the country we are visiting.   We offer menu planning and provisioning assistance.  Sometimes ports have grocery stores that offer online shopping and delivery to get a sense of prices and availability.  Once we figure out what we want to make or have available, we are happy to put through an online order that can be delivered or picked up before you board the boat.  

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